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PRIME Drinks is divided into two categories: hydration drinks and energy drinks. PRIME Hydration is the brand’s approach to sports drinks, whilst PRIME Energy is their energy drink line.

PRIME Hydration is the official sports drink of the UFC and comes in eight different flavors. These sports drinks claim to fill the gap between outstanding taste and functionality by combining electrolytes, branch chain amino acids (BCAAs), and no added sugar.

Unlike PRIME Hydration, which includes no caffeine, PRIME Energy contains a large amount of caffeine… To be precise, 200mg per serving. These energy drinks are also available in five distinct flavors and have a calorie count of only 10 per serving. These drinks claim to be sugar-free, vegan, and to deliver electrolytes in conjunction with caffeine to boost energy levels.

Prime Hydration

One of PRIME Hydration’s claims is that it fills a niche in the sports drink sector by combining function and taste. And I must say, based on the varieties I’ve tried, they’re delicious. But is PRIME a healthier hydration drink? Let us investigate.

PRIME Hydration’s front label indicates that it is naturally flavored and contains no artificial colors. However, based on the ingredients listed on the back panel, this may not be totally correct. One of the reasons for this is the use of sucralose as a sweetener. I have nothing against sucralose and use it myself, but it is not a ‘natural’ sweetener.

It is manufactured from real sugar, but it undergoes a chemical process that makes it 600 times sweeter than sugar, making it calorie-free.

There is nothing wrong with drinking a sucralose-sweetened sports drink. However, most people I spoke with who were drinking PRIME were shocked sucralose was listed as an ingredient when ‘naturally sweetened’ was prominently displayed on the product package. That is why reading the ingredient list (on any meal) is so important.

Prime Energy

PRIME Energy claims to have no sugar, 200mg of caffeine, and 300mg of electrolytes, in addition to being vegan and organically flavored.

Although the PRIME Drink brand is extremely popular among children, the brand plainly states on its website and on the energy drink label that PRIME Energy is not intended for children under the age of 18, pregnant or nursing women, or anybody who is caffeine sensitive. And this is significant because, even as a parent (who reads food labels for a career), I accidentally bought my children the energy drink rather than the hydration drink before I realized the distinction.

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Is PRIME Drink Sugar-Free?

PRIME Drinks come in two kinds, none with added sugar. Two grams of sugar are present in PRIME Hydration, which is presumably due to the 10% coconut water content of the beverage. There are no grams of sugar or carbs in PRIME Energy.

Sucralose is used as a sweetener in both PRIME Drinks.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that caffeine use can raise blood glucose levels and worsen insulin sensitivity in diabetics, ultimately increasing insulin resistance. While some people can safely take up to 400 mg daily. Because of this, it’s critical to regularly check your blood sugar levels in order to track how you react to caffeine.

Are PRIME Drinks safe for blood sugar patients?

Upon first glance, you might assume that these beverages, which are low in carbohydrates and sugar, won’t have much of an effect on blood sugar levels. However, that is not the whole story.

Six grams of carbohydrates are found in PRIME Hydration, the majority of which are derived from coconut water. This would barely affect blood sugar in a single serving, but if you are tracking carbs at meals, it is something to keep in mind.

Despite having no carbohydrates, PRIME Energy high caffeine content may cause some people’s blood sugar levels to rise.

Are PRIME Drinks safe for kids?

Ultimately, the response to this query depends on the PRIME Drink you select. Because PRIME Energy contains a lot of caffeine, it is not recommended for children under the age of 18. This is particularly significant to remember because excessive caffeine consumption in youngsters can be harmful, even fatal, in high doses.

As a mother and certified nutritionist, I value that PRIME Hydration is a sports beverage free of artificial coloring. Even though many sports drinks are sweetened with sucralose, some parents might be reluctant to give their kids such drinks.

Given that both PRIME beverages have extra electrolytes and B vitamins, I would first talk to your child’s doctor and registered dietitian about if these beverages are acceptable to ensure they aren’t going over their daily upper tolerated limit (UTL) of these nutrients.

Is it worth it to buy PRIME Drinks?

When it comes to energy drinks and sports drinks, the PRIME range of beverages is comparable to many others in this segment. It has an advantage over several rivals because to its low sugar and calorie content and rejection of artificial coloring. However, it’s crucial to remember that PRIME does contain sucralose among its ingredients if you’re searching for a beverage that is entirely naturally sweetened.

Sucralose is widely accepted to be harmless and has no effect on insulin or blood sugar levels. Although it is the consumer’s decision, as a trained dietitian, I would feel at ease drinking a beverage that has been sweetened with sucralose.

The main drawback of PRIME is that its strong demand is causing shortages and price markups for third-party sellers. However, this beverage line might satisfy the needs of people seeking a low-sugar energy drink or a hydration and recovery drink if you can locate it and like the taste.

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